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Our Scope of Works


Each modernisation project requires a slightly different amount of building works. At Elevator Removal Specialists we recognise this and tailor each quote/project working with the contractor, client and builder on site. 

Elevator Removal Specialists offer the best modernisation service for the removal of your elevator. We support our customers every step of the way; from:

  • Our initial consultation, through to
  • Detailed project planning,
  • Elevator removal and
  • Complete clean-up of the site, ready for your new installation. 

We can decommission and remove all types of life and brand including: Hydraulic lifts, Overhead traction and Underslung lifts.

We can provide services such as:

Removal of Door Frames

Depending on the opening size, some builders require us working with the lift company to recut the opening with a concrete saw to the specific dimensions. On other jobs simply knocking out the old door frames to install new ones is sufficient.

Strip the Shaft Clean

Once the lift power is turned our Team will go in and rip out all car rails, counter weight rails, counter weight, conduit pipes, old electrical wiring, shaft lights all the way down the shaft. Removing rails, brackets and anything else which doesn't need to be there for the new install. This also includes clearing out all pitt gear.

Installation of Lifting Beams/Eyes   

Some lift companies when installing new lifts need something to hang off in the top of the shaft. We will supply, install and work with these companies placing these beams as per the drawings. They will then be certified by a structural engineer to meet building compliance.  

Provide and Install Lockable Hoardings

For Safety, Every lift door opening must be made safe until completed lift door and lift door frame are installed. We can provide these made to measure for the duration of the project. After the rip out process keys will be handed over to the Project Manager on site. These lock up hoardings are made from either timber or Melamine and can be painted to suit the client goals

Motor Room

We strip down and remove and  the entire room leaving it clean. Removing the Lift Motor, Controllers, Oli, Governor, Bed plates, Machine beams, Electrical wiring and troffing etc

Hatch access is utilized to winch down the entire machine and remove.

Floor Protection

On each job with work in and around the door frames things can get damaged - we like to provide as part of our service protection to cover any tiles, carpet or finishing.

Electrical Work

All Electrical work is done by another electrical contractor. Before we turn off the shift shaft is required we can run the mains and telephone line to the top of the shaft co-ordinating with the Lift company. Then turn the power off in the Lift shaft ready to be removed.


Remedial Work

 When the door frames have be removed and new frames installed by the Lift company there will be a rough opening between the frames and original wall. We will make good the wall and fire rate by grouting in and painting if needed. Occasionally tiles at the foot of the opening may need replacing, We can take care of all this for you if requested.


Make Safe

These projects are more common in larger buildings where a demolition company are coming in to knock the insides out. We will come in and rig the car, cut the ropes then lower it down to the pit therefor making it safe for them to work around the lifts without the fall hazard of having to worry about the lifts.


Rubbish Removal/Recycling

One of the most important parts of the project is handing over a clean shaft to install the new lift in. Coming from an install back group we keep this in mind and communicate what needs to go and what is being reused for the new lift. With this in mind all shaft equipment, motor and motor room equipment, door frames, pit gear, counter weight, rails, headers, sills, doors and general rubbish on site will be removal and recycled accordingly. 

hydraulic Oil will be arranged to be removed and disposed of my expert contractors. We can supply certification that it is being disposed of in a green and environmentally friendly way.

If the client wants to reuse any lift components we are glad to put things aside.


Other Services

Block in lift shaft opening  |  This style of lift required a motor room below the lift shaft. We can block in this penetration and make good the wall.  

Scaffolding  |  Occasionally the lift is jammed or stuck at the bottom so we can scaffold up and remove the entire lift equipment this way

Working decks  |  If specified  we can provide and install working decks for the Install team to work off after the removal process.

Online Project Login  |  This feature is used on larger projects with multiple shafts so the client/builder/lift company can track daily progress and updates. This is updated daily with how far the project has come, any unfortunate delayed, photos and key mile stones. 

To find out more about our scope or the removal process please download our report " 5 Steps to Elevator Removal" or alternatively Contact us and we can answer any question you may have.

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