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Rip Outs

13 Oct 2015 9:56 PM - Rip Outs

There is a renaissance at work on Australia’s industrial, commercial, and residential housing infrastructure. Buoyed by a strong housing market, and benefiting considerably from low interest rates on borrowed cash, many businesses are beginning to renovate their holdings to attract a new era of buyers.

It is generally accepted that new fixtures can be vital assets to potential buyers. This isn’t entirely an aesthetic vanity, either: a new elevator announces your building to its occupants, it leaves a positive impression on them as they step off on to their floor. The smooth operation and new hardware of a new unit can make all the difference to those within.

There are other reasons, as well. Elevators are remarkably safe, as moving fixtures go. However, old models, which have been at work for several decades, can become worn. Fixed anchor points must be occasionally reinforced, and worn moving parts must be replaced. Their operations can become jerky, or the ambiance inside the unit itself can be old-fashioned. Or perhaps, their placement in the building does not fit with the new image the owners have decided upon.

Luckily, this does not have to be the case forever. Our elevator rip outs are an industry standard for workmanship and duty of care. We leave the elevator shaft ready and waiting of the new unit, one which will complement each nuance of your newly renovated building.

At Elevator Removal Specialists, we are able to work within whatever motif or reasoning led you to us. Particularly within the older sections of capital cities in Australia, some elevators are beginning to approach their golden years, and along with the red-hot real estate market, a rip-out could be the best option for your building. Contact us and let us help you.

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