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Company Overview

Incorporated in Sydney in 2011, we are a youthful modernization firm specializing in the removal of elevators, all across Australia.

At ERS, we pride ourselves on our work. Our business model stresses the importance of project partnerships. We create long-lasting and respectful relationships with both contractors and clients, believing that the key to optimizing our work is understanding the goals of each and every stakeholder.

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we have narrowed our focus purely on elevator removals. We service both industrial and commercial sectors, while maintaining outstanding time efficiency, while keeping a safe working environment and competitive rates. The operations director Gary Barkers’ experience and specialists’ knowledge in elevator removal, having taken out over 290 floors personally and never had a lift he couldn’t rip out, will be overseeing every project to ensure we deliver on time, with an eye to both cost and quality.

We do complete rip out service from building works, run the mains and telephone, remove door frames, make good, concrete cutting, remove all shaft equipment, strip/remove lift car, motor room, hoardings, and everything in between.

The company’s objective is to offer the best removal service for your elevator. We support our customers every step of the way; from our method, planning, removal, clean-up and feedback. Adding value up-front, managing the process strongly throughout and supporting our client through to the very end of a job ensures our continued success and further strengthens the relationship with our client. It’s a methodology that sets us apart.

We gear our efforts with a keen commitment to our customer. This is evident throughout ERS and our methods. We have earned our reputation as a flexible and friendly service and an industry-leading work ethic, and we stand by it with pride.

Our strong client relationships often mean we find out specific details early on in the tender process for the project, thereby maximising the impact we are able to have on overall outcomes and project costs.


We have always understood that construction is a people industry, so we place a great deal of importance on being true to our honest values. They define who we are and how we go about our business, both as a brand, and as a group of high performing individuals.

We look for, encourage and develop these values in our people and in the clients we deal with through the relationships we build. Our commitment to our people is further evidenced by the work we have done in training and furthering our teams’ knowledge and training. This develops and maximises our peoples’ individual contribution to the business, but more importantly, to provide personal growth and career opportunities for the individuals involved.

Construction is all about people, so our strong management focus on people and relationships; along with effectively driving the processes we have developed to run our business continues to help build ERS in this industry.


The processes adopted in undertaking an elevator rip out are central to a successful outcome, but not everyone in the industry adopts a similar approach. These were designed through trial and error, having taken out over 290 floors in 2.5 years. Now with the best and most efficient systems in place at ERS this makes our work rate, practises and safety the pride of the industry.

At Elevator Removal Specialists , we understand the impact that early involvement in the project planning stage can have on the overall project. Through involving us early, we can influence the impact of costs, quality and time involved in the rip out. Our early involvement in a project will also minimise project risks and maximise the impact a collaborative delivery will have on the overall success of a project, it allows us to deliver greater alignment coordinating with the install company between project intent and delivery.

Our aim is to surpass the expectations of our clients, and by so doing, keep them coming back. We deliver project excellence, for all stakeholders. We are the Elevator Removal Specialists.


We genuinely believe we are only as good as our last job, so we target delivery based on extremely high expectations – driving towards, and delivering project excellence for all parties involved.


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Here at the Elevator Removal Specialists (ERS) team we have a strong belief in Team work and creating a long term vision and relationships with our Valued Partners.

Working closely with the top lift companies and brands is a rewarding ...

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